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Unicorn Utopia
4th annual custom design competition!

Midsummer 2007 - Unicorn Utopia

Sample Entry

Entry Name: Twilight Spires

Description: Twilight Spires is a white colored unicorn with a gentle purple gradient.  Her regular-length, naturally wavy hair features the colors of the setting sun: deep blues, purples, pinks, with a hint of orange and yellow.  Twilight Spires' symbol features a purple castle with yellow highlights.  Her hoof mark is a orange heart with yellow highlights. Her eyes feature the same colors.

Story: Twilight Spires is quite an adventurous pony, when she isn't tending to the chores of the castle or working at the Ponyville Accounting Firm.  She enjoys camping in the wilderness, roasting marshmallows, and sharing stories and hot cocoa with her good friend Rainbow Dash.  Twilight Spires also enjoys volunteering at the local pet shelter.  She collects old punk rock records and seaglass.

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