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Unicorn Utopia
4th annual custom design competition!

Midsummer 2007 - Unicorn Utopia

Meet the Unicorns!
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Ponies are listed in the order received

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PLEASE be respectful of these designers...that means: don't steal their ideas.

Entry 1 - Starr Seeker

Description: Starr Seeker is a medium pearly grey pony with sky blue hair that fades into pink. Her eyes are a Emerald green and her rump displays a crescent moon with moon dust down her leg, pink stars surround it. 

Starr Seeker is a night owl. Sleeping during the day, Starr Seeker opens her sleepy eyes as soon as the sun goes and the moon comes up. She loves to jump and play in the shadow of the moon.
Entry 2 - Tropical Rose

Body: blueish unicorn with white stockings

: electric bright blue hair and a bright green G1 unicorn stripe

Pink with a curly green vine with 2 leaves and curly tips (three
shades of green dark, mid and light highlighting)
Eye lashes slightly thicker than normal pony eyes

a pink flower (three shades of pink dark light and mid tones) stem
with 2 leaves (three shades dark mid and light green tones) and a little
butterfly looking in the flower (butterfly is dark blue outlines with hints
of yellow and purple for the butterfly design)
Entry 3 - Corset - ta

Body: Rarity pink

dark blue with a dark pink G1 unicorn stripe

blue with purple

Eye lashes:
thickish compared to normal ponies

white three pronged stand with human form (outlined in blue) with a
sweetheart black corset with white laces. with aqua, orange/yellow, and
blue/purple stars all in various sizes
Entry 4 - Windsong

Windsong is a light purple unicorn with a purple gradient on her horn and legs. Her eyes are a dark purple. Her symbol shows swirls (wind) and blue, purple and black music notes (eighth notes, quarter notes and joined eighth notes) cascading down her leg. Windsongís hair is an assortment of blue: going from dark to light blue.
Entry 5 - Twilight

Description: Twilight is a dark blue unicorn with deep purple eyes. Her normal length hair is three different shades of purple: dark purple, light purple and medium purple. Her symbol features a large white star hidden behind a purple cloud. Smaller white stars adorn her upper body making her look like a night sky. Her hoof mark is a large twinkling star.
Entry 6 - Moondust

Moondust does not have a description or story.
Entry 7 - Moon Dreamer

Her name is Moon Dreamer. She has lilac, silver (grey) and white hair, her symbols are two saturn style planets made in bright colors and glitter. She has purple/lilac gradients on her muzzle, ears and legs. Along with iridescent glitter on her leg accents. Her eye shadow is made up of pink and silver with glitter on top to add sparkle. her unicorn also has a lilac gradient with iridescent glitter.

Entry 8 - Rainbow Star

Description: Rainbow Star is a gorgeous unicorn with a sky blue body with white cloudy gradients on her hooves and snout. Her symbol is a large rainbow which begins at the tip of her horn and twists around her horn unto her body and to the back of her hind hoof. Her hair is soft cloudy colors: white, light blue, and lavender purple. Her cutey mark is an orange star. Her eyes are pink and orange like the setting sun. The special feature of Rainbow Star is that when you turn off the lights, her rainbow symbol glows in the dark!

Story: Rainbow Star is a kind unicorn who loves to use her special power to cheer up her friends when they are gloomy. She has the ability to make rainbows from her horn! One night, Rainbow Starís good friend, was feeling homesick. Unfortunately Rainbow Starís rainbows couldnít be seen at night. With her heart heavy, Rainbow Star made a very special wish that her rainbows could glow in the dark in order to cheer up her friend. Rainbow Starís wish came true, and out of her horn came a twinkling rainbow, which cheered her friend right up! From then on, Rainbow Star was able to cheer up any of her friends, day or night.
Entry 9 - Summer Nights

Description: Summer Nights has a beautiful soft blue body that fades into dark purple like the darkening night sky. Her fiery orange, red and purple hair is the same colors as the summer horizon. Her symbol is a yellow and orange/red firework bursting over a starry sky. Little white stars twinkle around the curves of her horn and across her body like a clear summer night. Her eyes are orange and purple to match her hair. Her cutey mark is a pink heart surrounded by a white crescent moon and sparkling stars. Her stars, fireworks and crescent moon glow in the dark!

: Summer Nights is a playful unicorn who loves to surprise her friends. One clear summer night, she called all her friends to join her across the valley near their castle to gaze at the stars. To everyoneís surprise, as soon as the sun set, brilliant fireworks filled the summer sky. From that year on, one clear night of every summer the ponies in Unicorn Utopia celebrate the fireworks display with Summer Night leading the way.

Entry 10 - Floating Desire

Description: Floating Desire is a pastel blue colored unicorn. She has long creamy white slightly wavy hair, much like the color of butter or white chocolate.  Floating Desire's symbol features a sealed pastel yellow letter floating on silver wings. Both of her front hooves have a silver wing hoof mark. Her eyes have iris stripes in several shades of purple.

Story: Floating Desire is a very playful pony with a busy life. She likes to go out to hunt on butterflies or collect flowers. She also enjoys writing poems. When she isn't outside you can often find her over at a friend's house having a high tea or dressing up for a party. She collects stamps. Her biggest wish is to be able to fly like a pegasus pony.

Entry 11 - The Lion and the Unicorn

Description: Based off of the old poem. One half of this pony is a cream coloured unicorn with cloven, golden hooves, a golden horn, and powder blue eyes. The mane is a pale blonde gold sort of colour.

The other side of this pony is a tawny yellow, with toe marks on the feet, and a brown, fuzzy lion's mane, maybe made of fluffy wool. the eyes are golden, and there is a stripe of brown in the tail, which is still obviously the tail of the unicorn.

The symbol on both sides of this pony is a royal crown!

Entry 12 - Sudarium  

Description: Sudarium is a pretty, dusty purple colour with a creamy orange mane and tail. Her eyes and horn are mint green, and she has freckles on her cheeks. Sudarium's symbol is two jewels, a big blue one, and a smaller yellow one. Her magnet hoof is marked by a pink jewel.

Entry 13 - Star Trail

Description: Star Trail has a black to blue gradient to her body. Her regular length hair is white with glow-in-the-dark stripes. Her symbol is a star field that covers the top half of her body and a shooting star on her hip. On her hoof is a crescent moon. The shooting star, moon, and some random stars in the field are glow-in-the-dark. Her eyes are three shades of blue and there's a little glow-in-the-dark star highlight.

Story: Star Trail is a fun loving and excitable pony. Kiwi Tart is her best friend and they spend hours shopping or just hanging out. Her favorite place to go is the beach where she'll spend hours making sand sculptures and collecting shells. She won first prize in last year's sand sculpture contest with a sculpture of a pegasus pony eating ice cream. She plans to go even bigger this year!

Entry 14 - Purple Haze

Purple Haze does not have a description or story.

Entry 15 - Butterfly Falls

Butterfly Falls does not have a description or story.

Entry 16 - Mud Step

Mud Step is a dark green colored unicorn with various mud spots on her. Her hair is brown with light green highlights all of which are tightly curled. Her symbol is a fun little lizard that has been running all over leaving footprints on her body. Mud Step's hoof mark is a mud splatter and her eyes are a dark brown.

Mud Step is a bit of a tomboy. She has little concern for her appearance, and enjoys laughing so hard that she can't even stand (hence the constant mud coverings). She is a quiet observer and cares about all creatures, big and small.
Entry 17 - Rainbow Love


Description: Rainbow Love is a white unicorn. Her long flowing mane and tail is the colors of a rainbow - Red, orange, yellow, baby blue, bright green and pink. Her eyes and aqua color and above to the right of her right eye is a yellow star and underneath her right eye to the left is a red heart. Her symbol is a red heart with a three colored rainbow ribbon (pink, yellow, baby blue) wrapped around it. Her hoof mark is a yellow star.


Story: Rainbow Love is a sweet and sensitive pony. When she is not helping her friends she can be found reading a book under a tree or simply watching the clouds go by. Rainbow Love enjoys painting and drawing and loves to take pictures of wild animals to add to her collection of wild animals of chores. One day Rainbow Love hopes to travel all over the world be a famous photographer.

Entry 18 - Setheranza

Setheranza does not have a description or story.

Entry 19 - Wonder

Description: Wonder is a light almost pastel yellow with a medium orange-back to pale yellow gradient on her legs.  Her horn is also med. orange. Her symbol is a spattering of starburst across her back, a little on her sides and on her blaze.  The stars are silver & glittery. Her hair is a deep rich blue and a very solid white, the closest colors would be Dollyhair's Blizzard & a blend of Forget me not/After Midnight or maybe Deep Sea from Her eyes are a deep grassy green.

Entry 20 - Pompa 

Description: Pompa is stark white with tiny bubbles covering her body, her hair is blue with white tips, the white being most similar to dolly hair's virgin snow and the blue being a light icy blue, close to Custompony's Frosty Ice. Her eyes are a very deep dark indigo color.

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