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Sample Entry
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Your Custom Pony's Name: Gingersnap
Base Color: tan
Pony's Description: Gingersnap is a tan colored pony with burnt sienna colorpoints on her legs only and a lightly spotted pattern over her back.  Gingersnap's auburn hair is touched with honey yellow highlights.  It is the usual G3 length with a tiny curl at the ends.  Her eyes are bright lime green.  Gingersnap's symbol is an olive green paw print.  A green heart marks her magnet hoof.
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Although Gingersnap looks primitive with her wild markings, she actually lives in Ponyville and not some jungle or savannah.  She enjoys visiting her ponyfriends and watching the Style network.  Her favorite foods are sushi and ice cream.  Gingersnap collects Pyrex dishes, pinecones, and mystery novels.
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