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Wild Wonders
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People's Choice Finalists!
A lot of people had a hard time choosing a pony to vote for, among all of the WONDERFUL entries!  Once again, most of the votes were fairly evenly spread out...almost all of the ponies received at least one vote.

You can click on the thumbnails to view a larger picture.

*drumroll* And here are the wonderful finalists for the People's Choice Award (presented in alphabetical order):

Entry 38 - African Sunset
Base Color: Orange with red gradient
Description: African Sunset is an orange pony with a red gradient on the top half of her body. Her hair is mostly black with red and golden streaks in it, curled slightly at the ends. Her eyes are a bright, vibrant green. At the bottom of her hooves, the grasslands are silhouetted with a tall, native tree growing up one flank for her cutie mark.
Story: African Sunset is a very special little pony. She knows that many animals come out only at night. On the African plains, all of her favourite animals are most active at sunset; lions, leopards, hyenas, wild dogs, antelope, wildebeast... all silhouetted by the red-orange skies of the sunset.
Entry 11 - Blueberry the Hyacinth Macaw
Base Color: Cobalt Blue
Description: Pony based on a Hyacinth macaw - painted with a rich cobalt blue body, slightly darker on the wings and a purplish tinge at the neck. The sculpted beak is grey-black and deeply
curved to a sharp point. The pony has a smooth (unfeathered) yellow spots in a ring
around its eye (the eye is painted to resemble a birds) and in a curve next to base of
the beak
The pony would need a sculpted beak as well as wing tips to extend off the back of the body. The entire body would be be given a feathered appearance. The lower half of the front legs are painted black. The hair a combination of blue with a tinge of purple mixed in - and a hint of Opal Essence in the forelock.
Entry 16 - Dime Novel
Base Color: Buckskin Dun
Description: Dime Novel is a duny pony the color of buckskin with three feet that gradient into black and one white sock on her right hind leg. She also has a white star on her forehead. Her eyes are jalapeno red and her hair is common G3 length, colored cinnamon brown with golden highlights. Her symbol is a thin green book of the dime novel type as well as the head of a Mercury dime. Her magnet mark is a small dime, tail's side up. Is her buckskin simply the color of many a famous wild west horse, or is it really the color of the yellowed pages of her old adventure serials? Are those dun markings, or does she just have ink smudges all up her legs? She's not telling.
Story: Whether she's riding the range and rescuing school marms in distress, adventuring through jungles in search of lost artifacts that should be in a museum or just sleuthing as one of Ponyville's most hardboiled detectives, there's never a dull moment in Dime Novel's life, although she always seems to have time to tell her friends about her latest adventures at the local water hole. She is the particular idol of her niece Penny Candy, who has resolved to be just like Auntie someday, if she can.
Entry 33 - Lil' Lemur
Base Color: Grey
Description: Lil' Lemur is a medium grey pony with white hooves, face, & stomach. She has black accents around her eyes and the top of her head, going down her shoulders and back. Her eyes are a swirl of orange and yellow.  Her symbol is a lemur's paw print with a white swirl behind it, and she also has a small dark grey swirl on her magnet hoof. Her mane is mostly white with a couple black streaks, and her tail is white with horizontal black stripes from base to tip.
Story: Lil' Lemur is an adventurous pony who loves exploring new places. She has a ginormous collection of sparkly rocks which she shares with all her friends.
Entry 42 - Peek-A-Boo
Base Color: Light Blue or Blue/Green
Description: Peek-A-Boo is a peacock pony with a golden underbelly. Her tail and mane are a mixture of green/teal & blue-ish colors, real peacock feathers (Mostly at the end of tail & placed sparsely in mane), as well as golden threads for an extra sparkle. Her design is a simple peacock feather surrounded by little golden sparkles. Her feet are and forehead are decorated with golden curly-ques. She has a fancy pearl-like pony tail holder as well. She has really long pretty eyelashes and lots of blush.
Story: Peek-A-Boo is a fancy Peacock Pony who loves to bask in the sun and sparkle for all to see. Her golden belly is very ticklish and she can be heard giggling all through Pony Land. Peek-A-Boo loves to skip and run with the other ponies, but not too much, or she'll mess up her pretty hair.
Entry 111 -  Night Rainbow
Base Color: Black
Description: Night Rainbow is a black base pony with rainbow themed hair, from red in the forelock to orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple in succession. Her tail is less organized, but sports the same color scheme. Her eyes are two-colored, lavender and violet.
The hind-symbol for this pony creeps up her leg in metallic silver (or reflective) stars and specks, of varying size up until reaching her flank, where a small window with purple curtains displays a sunny day.  The Magnet hoof is marked by a miniature rainbow-trailed shooting star.
Entry 109 -  Spectral Moonlight
Base Color: Powder Blue
Description: Spectral Moonlight is powder blue, with a white, mask-like face. Her eyes are all black, with no white or highlights of any kind. There are black streaks down her cheeks, and she has black lipstick.  Spectral Moonlight has long, rabbit-like ears, and small antlers that are slightly darker blue than her body.  Her tail is long and swooping, there is no hair on it. Her mane is a sort of dark periwinkle blue gradient, darker at the roots, and almost white at the tips.  Her symbol is a black skeletal tree, the moon behind it, with bluish grey clouds. Her magnet hoof is marked by a pale blue snowflake.
Entry 58 - Sumatra
Base Color: orange
Description: Sumatra is an orange merpony with a black and turquoise mane. Tiger stripes run down her tail and, with a gradient effect, her front legs Her eyes, matching her mane, is turqoise and have very long eyelashes. White markings trail down from her forehead down to her hooves. A blue 'wave' [or a squiggle, rather] can be found on her magnet foot.
Story: As Sumatra's eyes would suggest, she is a rather dreamy pony and a real child at heart. Sumatra swims around the Amazon River all day, constantly daydreaming and playing around with others in her herd. A favourite activity of hers is Truth or Dare. Guess which one she prefers? That's right, Dare...and many times, she's had a crocodile snapping after her as a result! [She's also angered a few monkeys around the area, too.] Her least favourite activity? Catching fish for dinner...or at least trying to.
Entry 117 -  Tori the Tortoise
Base Color: green and orange
Description: Tori is a tortoise and has a sculpted shell and a sculpted beak. Her eyes are brown and her face is in different shades of green -brighter around the eyes and darker around her nose. Her legs are in green that turns into brown and has brown spots (that is darker at her hoof). Her hair is dark green with stripes of orange and brown. She has a black jewelry on her forehead and small black diamonds around her eyes.
Story: Tori loves to play in the sun. Even though she is a tortoise she is not that slow that you might think. Once a year all the animals in ponyland organize a marathon. Tori attends every year, and every year she´s that close of winning. Only the rabbit is faster. Tori dreams to win someday, and who knows, maybe someday she will?
Entry 30 - Wildfire
Base Color: Warm yellow
Description: Wildfire's base colour is a warm yellow, which extends in a lick-of-flame pattern on to her wings (windy wing fashion). The fields of the wings then become - in turn - orange, pinkish-purple, light purple and bluish-purple. She also has pink dots, and borders between the other colors.  Her eyes are purple, with a pink highlight and her hair is red-orange with yellow highlights.  Her most noticeable feature is the flame pattern on her hooves, higher in the back than the front.  Her symbol is a whirlwind of fire, with little flames flying off it.
Story: When Wildfire gets an idea - and she gets a lot of them! - she gets the whole of Ponyville to participate in her great schemes. She is great at getting people all fired up about her projects!  Luckily for her, the other ponies don't mind finishing off her work, as she just hasn't the patience to.  There's always a new project she just can't wait to get into!

Voting is officially OVER.  Please stay tuned for the Winners!
They will be announced on July 9th, 2006.
Thank you to everyone who participated!

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