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Shamrock Spring  - 2006
St. Patty's Day 3rd gen Jewel Custom
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Designed by Aikarin

Here's the lovely Shamrock Spring with her gently curled hair.  She is made from a 3rd gen Jewel Pony.  As you can tell from her dramatic lashes and deep green eye shadow, she is a cousin of Noctaeterna.  
Shamrock Spring is NOT FOR SALE.

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Shamrock Spring has forest green gradient painted hooves which were, in a way, made for the Gradient Painting Tutorial.  I think her design would have been fine without hoof painting.  The hooves were given a coat of matte sealant.

Her deep green hair is also's a 100% nylon hair sample I received.  Nylon hair is the original stuff that ponies were rooted with.  Soft, silky, and just beautiful!  Her hair is longer than average and slightly curled at the ends.

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forehead symbol



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Shamrock Spring is all ready for St. Patrick's Day!  Her accessories include a golden tail ribbon, a teal brush, and green velvety hat with a sparkling gold shamrock (not seen in this pic, but I added a clear band to it, so it stays on her head).

Her symbols are original designs, all painted carefully by hand and sealed with a matte sealant.  They feature cheerful shamrocks and leaves.  The forehead symbol is also hand painted! ^_^

Shamrock Spring was placed in a box with  a custom printed front panel.
Box picture was respectfully removed due to legal concerns.

The box's handle was replaced by a dark green ribbon.  I wish her brush was a shade greener, but it does match some of the teal tones in her symbol.

 Shamrock Spring is an original Aikarin design - she will not be repeated.  She is signed & dated under one hoof.
This pony is NOT FOR SALE, since she already has a wonderful new home in Ireland!

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