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noctaeterna 2004 - dark custom pony
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Noctaeterna - 2004
mysterious // dark // beautiful
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro

No one knows where Noctaeterna originated from.
She is a dark pony with a mysterious past.

Noctaeterna's silky hair is 100% saran.  Her long mane is rooted with four different colors - violet, black, silver, and midnight blue.  She also has an extra long tail in the same four colors.

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Her eyes feature dazzling white & blue sunburst irises.  Notice her dramatic violet eyeshadow. ^_^
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Her magnet hoof is marked with a delicate sketch of a lavender rose.  On her other hoof, she wears a Japanese glass seed bead bracelet, which is easily removable.  The beads have dark rainbow colored cores with clear glass on the outside.

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Another non-display side picture.  This one has a clearer view of her NDS eye, also done in a blue sunburst pattern.  The lashes were carefully hand painted, one at a time!

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Her symbol was painted entirely sketching, no pre-planning.  Just straight from the imagination! ^_^  The design features swirls, dots, stylized leaves, and diamond stars.

Four clear crystal rhinestones (NOT plastic!!) embellish the design & give it a little extra sparkle.  They look very nice in real life.  The fuchsia "jewel" is original.

She is signed & dated under one hoof.

Noctaeterna is an original Aikarin designed Custom Pony and she will not be repeated.  She is NOT FOR SALE.

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