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Pink Wings  - 2005
Butterfly style wings for a flutter pony
By Aikarin

These hand-painted wings are a project for the person who owns Phalaenopsis, the Moth Orchid Flutter.  They sparkle like crazy in real life...I had to take these pictures in shadows to minimize glare! ^_^

They were carefully painted with artist-grade acrylics, then given a generous coating of clear iridescent glitter on both side.  Since they are hand-painted, slight variations exist between the two halves & even the top & bottom.  A few accents of purple and plum glitter were added to the top side.

The bottom features the same colors: light pink, dark pink, light purple, and white.  The wings are sealed with a few coats of gloss varnish.

I used a stiffer type of plastic for the base, so wires are not necessary to position the wings correctly.

 Below is a picture before completion:

(colors are actually a bit darker than this pic)
These wings are NOT FOR SALE.
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