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Original Moth Orchid Flutter Pony
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Custom Design by Aikarin

Phalaenopsis waited patiently on my desk for weeks before she received her new wings.
She was made from a wingless, hairless pony.

To the left is a picture of my moth orchid & Phalaenopsis' namesake.  Guess what her symbol is?  

Phalaenopsis' hair is made of alternating stripes of pale lime green and sky blue.  The lime is streaked with a medium green and the sky blue is sprinkled with deep azure strands.  Her hair is lustrous, silky saran.  It's almost 8" long and flows beautifully.


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Phalaenopsis' display side.  Her wings are clear with a monarch butterfly inspired pattern painted in blue.  After they were completed, they were dusted from the top with iridescent glitter.  White highlights and lavender glitter also make up part of the design.  Certain parts have a blue-green iridescent's lovely in real life, but doesn't show up in the pictures.  Each wing has wire "boning" along the veins...this helps the wings stay upright! ^_^

Yes, the wings are removable.

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Well...hello Phalaenopsis!  ^_^
Her eyes are very unique, featuring bright neon green colors with a darker rim.
There are teeny tiny lines in the iris!  I really like how they turned out.

Here's her non-display side.  Her symbols are a sprig of moth orchid flowers & green buds on a base of tranquil tropical blue.  Like the other 1st generation ponies, she has symbols on both sides.  The other side isn't exactly a mirror's actually the other side of my orchid plant!

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A close-up of her non-display side symbol.  It's carefully hand-painted while I was looking at the stencils were used!  The white petals didn't show up well, so I added a little bit of texture to them & the buds.  Believe me, they look nicer in real life!

Phalaenopsis is NOT FOR SALE.

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