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Sapphire Snow - 2006
3rd generation winged pony
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Design & Custom by Aikarin

Sapphire Snow came into this world as a G3 earthling.  She was reborn as a pegasus pony with wings grafted from another pony.  Now, before you go on saying "Uh, those wings came from a rare pony!", I know that.  However, when I bought her for customization in late 2004, she was easily found in stores.  That pony became Wintermint.

[click on picture for enlarged view - warning - huge file!]

Sapphire Snow's eyes are original.  They fit so perfectly with her blue on blue theme (even with blue lashes!) that I decided to leave them alone.  They have tiny silver stars as an accent. ^_^

Hmmm...I noticed there was some residue inside her mouth from holding a painted miniature item (a keyblade, if you must know). ^_^ She has been cleaned since taking this picture.  No more residue now.

[click on picture for enlarged view - warning - huge file!]

Sapphire Snow's lovely iridescent wings are mounted on some durable epoxy polymer clay on the inside.  

Her hair is silky saran in 4 different shades of blue.  Mmmmmmm...

I also added a generous amount of silver tinsel.  This stuff is a little wider than the usual MLP tinsel for extra sparkle!

[click on picture for enlarged view - warning - huge file!]

Sapphire Snow doesn't have a symbol, but her magnet hoof is marked with a removable silver-tone bangle.  It appears to be cast, not just intertwined wires.  It's not closed, so it's adjustable.

Sapphire Snow is an original Aikarin design and she will NOT be repeated.  She is signed & dated under one hoof.  This pony is recommended for display only, although the wings are very securely rooted in place..

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