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Wintermint: custom cold weather alicorn

Wintermint 2004
custom cold weather alicorn
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Designed by Aikarin

My cold weather alicorn is finally complete.  She has fluffy white feather wings and looks like a complete angel!  She is definitely one of my favorites for 2004. ^_^

<--Click on pic for enlarged view

wintermint front right Wintermint is a rearing pose winged unicorn.  She was made from a 3rd gen pony.  The pony was disassembled and a hand-sculpted horn was attached.  She was completely repainted in an soothing pale green color.

The swirl patterns, hearts, symbol, and diamonds were painted white.  Much harder than it sounds, believe me!

A 3-D heart on each side of the rear hooves was removed.  The areas under the hearts were painted white.  They're flat compared to the other hearts.  Doesn't really affect her overall appearance, but I thought I should mention it.

<--Click on pic for enlarged view

Wintermint's non-display side.
Notice her hair has been left extra long.
(Click on pic for enlarged view)

Wintermint has a contrasting colored mane stripe.  However, the stripe is present on both sides, so you can flip her hair either way and it will still be visible.  She was re-rooted with super soft saran hair in platinum white and a true medium green.  Fine silver tinsel was generously incorporated into the mane and tail.  The tinsel was new, so it's very smooth and very shiny.

Her tail is platinum white with silver tinsel.

She's ready to take off in this pic!  She is on a custom made sparkly stand covered with snow colored felt.  You can see a trace of her silver tail ribbon under her wings in this pic.

<--Click on pic for enlarged view

Wintermint has sparkling "snow" (iridescent glitter) accents on all of the white painted parts and the tips of her wings.

Here she is with her accessories:
a hand knit fuzzy scarf, a silver hair tie with bells & the tiniest white feathers at the ends (very cute!), and her custom stand.  All accessories are removable.

Her wings are firmly wired into place, but I still recommend her for display only.  Her back legs are filled with resin on the inside, to give her more weight on the back half.  This gives more stability to the rearing pose.  She still has her foot magnet.

<--Click on pic for enlarged view

Her eyes are very distinctive and painted with a "starburst" pattern in navy, cobalt, sky blue, and white.  She has iridescent green eyeshadow.  Can you believe they look even better in real life!?!

Wintermint's symbol.  Is it a feather or a mint leaf?  You decide. ^_^

Her symbols are painted freehand in white with a touch of iridescent glitter.

Wintermint and Ice Crystal.  They're almost the same color.
This was unintentional.

A pic before completion.  Notice how all of the swirled areas are painted.  You can't see the ones on her back because of the wings, but they're neatly painted too!!
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