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Wrangler  - 2005
3rd generation cowgirl pony
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Design by CowGirlUp21
Custom by Aikarin

Wrangler features a rather Western theme.  Her base color is white.
  This pony is NOT FOR SALE.

[click on above picture for enlarged view]

Wrangler's hair is similar to Chocolicious' hair.  It is straightened Kanekalon with a slight curl at the ends.  It is a blend of 2/3rds caramel and 1/3rd auburn in 3 repeats.  Her hair is really soft & surprisingly silky.
Her designer wanted her mane braided, which worked perfectly with the 3 sets of stripes!
The bow is cut from excess bandana material.

Her distinctive eyes are dark brown with a tiny silver star. *squints*
Lashes and pupils are black.

 Her super cute accessories include a tiny black velveteen cowboy hat, a rope lasso, white brush and a bright blue bandana with a paisley design in white.  The bandana is triangular and the edges were carefully pressed under and stitched down with white thread.  There are no raw edges!

[above] Her symbol is a black cowboy hat with a brown lasso encircling it.

[box pic removed for legal reasons]
I cleaned the box & removed most of the sticky residue.  Accessories were carefully wired using plastic-covered wire.  There is no back panel, so the pony can be viewed on both sides.

 Below are some pictures before completion:


Here is the original sketch by CowGirlUp21.  She sent the actual drawing to me, along with the base and the accessory materials.
The base pony after a good scrub.  She is not 100% pure white, but you can't tell unless she is standing next to another white pony.
After re-painting the eyes.  Whew!
After re-rooting.  Here, you can see the 3 sets of caramel & auburn purposely asymmetrical stripes!
Look what she roped in....hmmmm....
With a friend...the Air Force Pony.  I'm testing out the bandana in the picture.  Pretty nifty!

Wrangler is an one-of-a-kind custom and she will not be replicated.  She is NOT for sale.  She is signed & dated under one hoof.

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