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"Watermelon Shimmer" - 2000

Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro

Designed by Aikarin

watermelon1.jpg (31439 bytes)

Watermelon Shimmer was given a sparkling pearlescent coat.  It looks similar to the ones found on the pearly babies.  The colors are the most accurate in the close-up of her symbol - a watermelon slice!

watermelon2.jpg (19599 bytes)

When I made this pony, I didn't know there was already another pony with a similar symbol.  However, her colors are totally different.

Watermelon Shimmer has original blue eyes

The pearlescent coating seems to be very durable.  She's been moved around & handled, but shows no signs of wear.  This pony was one of the first ones I made, so brush marks are visible on her paint.  Still, it doesn't detract from her overall appearance.

watermelon4.jpg (21121 bytes)

Watermelon Shimmer's symbol is identical on both sides.  She wears two ribbons on her is green satin and the other is sparkling silver!  It was difficult to photograph her because of the glare.

watermelon3.jpg (28966 bytes)

This pony is NOT FOR SALE.

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