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Tucano Custom Pony
[click on picture for enlarged view]

Tucano  - 2005
Tropical Carousel 3rd generation pony
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Design by Vinyalonn
Custom by Aikarin

Tucano is a rather ambitious design from Vinyalonn.  She is a carousel pony with a tropical theme.
  She is made from a 3rd generation pony.  The bright blue color is original.

[click on picture for enlarged view]

She was re-rooted in bright red Kanekalon synthetic hair with tiny stripes of white.  Over this, black "zebra" stripes were added.  Vinyalonn also wanted the hair to be slightly wavy.  Her tail features the same colors.

Here you can see the hand - sculpted base.  It has tiny seashells as inclusions.  The whole thing was given a coat of antique gold colored paint.  The "plaque" was painted to look like a piece of weather-worn wood.  Tucano's name was painted using a "gothic" calligraphic script.

Also note the tropical flower hoof mark.  The reference picture is below.  I think the colors go well with the bright blue! ^_^

The back of the base.  It's rather heavy, so she shouldn't have any problems on display. ^_^  This is made from an air-dry polymer.  The pony is "slip fitted" onto the pole...she is not glued on.  The pole & the base are permanently attached.

Shells weren't in the original design, but I was running out of polymer & needed some filler.  I think it gives the base some character!

Tucano's eyes are dark yellow with dramatic lashes.  They're slightly thicker than the norm.  She has a glittering palm tree on her forehead.  She also wears a removable necklace of shells.

[note: box picture removed for legal reasons]
Tucano was carefully inserted into a 3rd gen box.  I had to remove most of the plastic platform on the bottom part to get her to fit.   The base is held in place by clear rubber bands tied to a piece of clear plastic.  Ah, and held together with a LOT of tape!
  Only the front panel was modified.

Here is a close-up of her symbol.   I think this pic is a little blurry, for some reason.  The eye was the hardest part...if you see the reference sketches, you will see why!  The eye has a white ring, a black circle, then a brown iris, and a black pupil within.  And, a white "reflection" spot.  Yowza! >_<

The reference sketches:

Above is the original concept/design drawn by Vinyalonn.
This pony went through numerous changes, including a change of the base pony,
hair, and symbol paint.  Not to mention the addition of the carousel component!
This design is (c) Vinaylonn.

Vinyalonn sent this reference pic of the tropical flower on the hoof.
Isn't it spectacular?

I rendered this one in Photoshop with the changes.

I didn't know what Vinyalonn meant by "front", so I placed
the palm tree on her forehead.  She was okay with this.
This is also a "Photoshopped" pic.

Pic of the pony before completion.

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