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Tropical Frost  - 2005
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Design & Custom by Aikarin

Tropical Frost is a 1st generation pegasus with pastel rainbow hair.  She started out as a bait pony.
  This pony is NOT FOR SALE.

Her color is slightly lighter than an original pony's.
Her body has not been re-painted.
After I cleaned her, I re-rooted her with a new mane of long, silky saran hair.

One of her most unique features is her pastel rainbow hair.
Each lock was custom blended for a smooth gradient.
About a dozen different colors were used! ^_^
It's very durable - you can brush & style it as you wish!

Her eyes also feature a pastel rainbow in pink/yellow/light teal.  The dark areas & lashes are original.  So is the blush.

She is made from a bait, so there are very tiny flaws, like a small blush rub on the non-display side.

Her symbol is a 3-D ice cream cone with 3 "splashes".  I re-painted it with rainbow sherbet colors and a more "natural" looking cone.  Mmmmmm...neon green sherbet. ^_~

Tropical Frost is an original Aikarin design & she will not be replicated.  She is signed & dated under a back hoof.

One more pic under different lighting conditions. ^_^
Tropical Frost is NOT FOR SALE.

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