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Tigerlily - 2003
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Design by Aikarin

[click on above pic for enlarged view]

The Orange Pony is finally completed and she is named Tigerlily.  She was made from an orange base pony re-rooted with long bright orange hair.  Tigerlily doesn't have a hoof symbol, but she does have a nifty little bracelet made of orange & white vintage Japanese glass beads!  Her eyes are modifications have been made.  I might decide to do something later.

[click on above pic for enlarged view]

Okay, you can tell I was bored...I did go a little overboard with the curls =)
The hair is an incredible 8.5" long when uncurled.  It was originally from a Barbie styling head, LOL!  The texture is identical to real MLP hair.  I love that vibrant orange hair!

Tigerlily's symbol is a stylized tiger lily, of course.  Yes, it is supposed to be "stripey"!

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