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Yes, this pony is finally completed!  Starfall is a white unicorn in the rearing pose.
The donor horn was carefully attached to her head & the whole pony was re-painted.  There is no seam where it connects.  She was made from a de-flocked pony, so she's not 100% perfect.  It's pretty tough to get all the flocking off, especially around the eyes.  Her eyes were almost completely re-painted.

[click on above pic for enlarged view]

Starfall's symbol is a glittery purple pitcher with a blue & silver design.  It's "pouring" out little silver & purple stars.  Her blue-purple color scheme was selected to match the website.  Starfall was re-rooted with donor hair in navy blue, lavender, turquoise, and royal purple.  The plugs are spaced farther apart on rearing pose ponies, so you can see some minor gaps.  Overall, I still like the way she turned out!

Starfall is NOT FOR SALE.

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