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"Skycastle" - 2002

Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro

Designed by Aikarin

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Skycastle was a well-loved bait pony brought back to life with wonderful rainbow hair.  Her horizontally striped hair is custom dyed in 6 different shades!

A close-up of Skycastle's face.  She has deep purple eyes which haven't been repainted.  One ear has some very light nibbles...a remnant of her previous life.

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castle4.jpg (24568 bytes)

This is the symbol on her display side.  Very bright & glittery, it was difficult to capture on camera.   It is sealed with a layer of gloss varnish, to keep the glitter from being rubbed off.

This is the other side.  It's not exactly identical, because it was painted by hand.  Just as glittery and outlined in silver.

Skycastle is NOT FOR SALE.

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