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Skully  - 2005
Creepy n' Cute
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Concept & Design by Aikarin

Inspired by the upcoming Halloween season, Skully's design features skulls and swirls.  She was made from a 3rd generation orange pony.  Her shimmery body color is natural.

Her symbol is only on the display side, as with most 3rd gen ponies.  It features glitter-encrusted glowing skulls and a key outlined in black.  There are also glowing and black glitter speckles.  The swirls are also made of black glitter.  A slightly different technique was used to give them a little more "texture".

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[click on above picture for enlarged view - huge file!]
Skully's hair has a life of its own...and that's the way that she likes it!  She was re-rooted in a semi-random pattern consisting of 4 different Saran hair colors: neon green, black, glow-in-the-dark white, and orange blossom.  Extra plugs were added to her crown and carefully layered for an '80 punk look.  No hairspray, though!  ^_^
Her tail is also layered and features the same 4 colors of Saran hair.  She wears a silver-tone "bracelet" with an antiqued finish on her non-display hoof.  It's removable, like her necklace.

A picture of her display side in the dark.  Her symbols and hair glow brightly in the dark.  They need to be "charged" by exposing them to bright light for a few moments.

Here is a shot of her non-display side, in the dark.  The glowing effect is brighter in real's very, very hard to capture on film!  Only the white glow-in-the-dark strands light up, but they are interspersed throughout her mane & tail.

Skully's eyes were carefully re-painted...this was probably the most time-consuming part of her design.  She wears dark charcoal gray eyeshadow.  Her "sunburst" irises are layered in greens and vibrant yellows.  Her long eyelashes were re-painted in black.

Her bangs were held temporarily with a mini claw clip.  If not, they would spring forward. ^_^

Her accessories include a silver-tone bracelet and a glowing skull necklace adorned with vintage orange glass beads.  The skull charm was sculpted without the use of molds, just for her!  She also has an orange brush for her wild hair.

A picture before completion.  I designed her "on the fly".  No pre-sketching or pre-drafting of any sort was done.  All decisions were spontaneously made during the customization process. ^_^

Skully is a one-of-a-kind design and she will NOT be repeated.  She is signed & dated under one hoof.  Skully is NOT FOR SALE.

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