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Silverheart - 2002

Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro

concept design by Jen
custom work by Aikarin

Silverheart - custom pony - click here for enlarged picture

Silverheart is a very special custom.  She is an Alicorn - a pegasus/unicorn combination made from two different ponies.  Her body color is a pale icy blue, unlike any other pony in existence.  I think this picture shows her true blue shade =)  Her glimmering white tail is extra long with a touch of silver tinsel.  Her mane is white with a streak of pale blue & tinsel.  
Click on the picture above for an enlarged view.

Silverheart's symbol is a large blue heart with glittering silver wings.

A close-up of Silverheart's face reveals a tiny blue heart under her eye on the display side.  Her horn & wings are lightly dusted in silver glitter. 

This picture shows her non-display side.  This pic turned out a little dark!

You can see the neck seam is actually not too noticeable, considering the parts came from two different ponies!

Here is the original concept sketch of Silverheart.  
Surprisingly, the finished pony looks at lot like this!  She's a little "bluer" though!

Silverheart is NOT FOR SALE.

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