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Silverflight - 2002

Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro

concept design by My Lady Silver
custom work by Aikarin

Click on the pic for a larger view!
Silverflight Non-display side

This unique pony is the idea of My Lady Silver.  Her name is Silverflight and she is a gray pegasus in a classic pose.  She has long flowing white hair with a streak of pale gray & silver tinsel in her mane.

Silverflight's symbol is a stylized sparkling silver feather...pure uncoated glitter.

A close-up of her face.  Her eyes are actually a little more camera didn't really pick that up.  This pic turned out a tad dark and the tinsel didn't show up well.  She actually has a lot of tinsel in that stripe!  She looks much better in real life =)

Closeup of Silverflight's face
Silverflight's symbol

Here's her trademark stylized silver feather on her display side.  The non-display side feather is a mirror image of it.  It's pure glitter without a varnish topcoat.

Here is the original concept sketch based on My Lady Silver's design.  This particular pony doesn't exist....she is a Photoshop rendering of another pegasus pony.  In the actual custom pony, Silverflight's body color is lighter and her hair is longer.

Silverflight Concept Sketch

Baby Ember meets Silverflight
Hairless Baby Ember meets the famous Silverflight.

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