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Shiver of the Elves - 2003

Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro

Custom Design by Vinyalonn

Custom Work by Aikarin

Shiver is a light grey unicorn in a classic pose.  Shiver's mane is white with a lavender stripe and silver tinsel.  She has light pink eyes.

<-- click on the pic for an enlarged view

Shiver's symbol is a glittery golden leaf, designed by Vinyalonn.

Shiver's wearing her pendant in this pic.  See below for a close-up of her pendant.

<-- click on the pic for an enlarged view

I designed Shiver's pendant.  It's a delicate silver feather surrounded by a wire swirl.  There are three tiny crystals scattered on the feather.

Shiver wears her forest green velvet cloak with silver rose clasp. Her cloak is fully lined on the inside with the same plush velvet!

Shiver is NOT FOR SALE.

Shiver of the Elves
Concept Sketch by Vinyalonn

She was originally planned as a pale blue pony with white hair and a purple stripe in her mane.  Eyes are a light pink color.
Her symbol is a golden leaf.

Accessories: a forest green velvet cloak and a delicate little pendant!
Photoshop Rendering of Shiver by Aikarin

This particular pony does not exist!  A few color schemes were tried & this is the one her designer settled on.

Final design does not have a dark outline of the golden leaf...the "veins" are not filled in with golden glitter.

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