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Rainsplash  - 2005
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Custom Design by Aikarin

Rainsplash is a rainbow themed pony, inspired by the rainbows after the rain.  She is made from a 3rd generation blue pony.

Rainsplash is NOT FOR SALE.

<-- click on pic for enlarged view

Rainsplash's hair is dyed in a rainbow gradient of 6 colors.  The tinsel was not removed.  She is meant for display only.

Her hoof marking is 3 droplets in blue, pink, and yellow.  (looks similar to a certain TV network's logo...LOL, I didn't realize it until after the pony was completed!).

<-click on picture for enlarged view

Rainsplash shows off her lovely hair in this picture. ^_^

Rainsplash's blue eyes were painted using a new technique which resembles watercolor.  It's a neat random effect that reminds me of galaxy paintings.  They are truly beautiful in real life.

Rainsplash's glittery symbol is a 3 colored swirl in pink, yellow, and blue.  She is signed & dated under one hoof.  Rainsplash is an original Aikarin design & she will not be replicated.

Rainsplash is NOT FOR SALE.

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