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Pumpkin's Tale
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
design by Vinyalonn
custom work by Aikarin

This pony is NOT FOR SALE.

<--Click on pic for enlarged view

Pumpkin's Tale is the work of Vinyalonn's imagination.  She is made from a 3rd generation sparkling pink pony.

Her eyes are tan with a darker brown swirl.

<--Click on pic for enlarged view

Pumpkin's Tale has a symbol only on her display side.  It's a glittery pumpkin, of course!  She also has a black glittery hat on her hoof.

You can see her punk hairstyle here on the non-display side.

<--Click on pic for enlarged view

[box picture removed for legal reasons]
She has a custom painted black brush (although it's sealed with a clear top coat, I recommend it for display only).  And a sparkling orange pony charm.

Seven colors of saran hair were picked for her mane & tail.  Here's a pic of the hair before mixing.

And here's a picture after the mixing.

*scrunches eyebrows*

Very, very unusual.  It's sort of greenish-brown with red highlights.

Photoshop rendered concept sketch made from Vinyalonn's sketch of her symbols.  Vinyalonn also designed the custom box.

Before re-rooting.  Notice her brown eyes!

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