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Princess Kimmy
the rainbow princess!

Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Design by Kimmy
Custom Work by Aikarin

Princess Kimmy features rainbows, rainbows, and more rainbows!  This fun project was designed by a four-year-old who wanted a rainbow themed pony with "diamond eyes".  Rainbow ponies are also my favorites ^_^

<-- click on the pic for an enlarged view.

Princess Kimmy's hair is 100% pure, silky 3rd generation donor hair.

There are six distinct colors in the mane - deep red, coral orange, sunshine yellow, neon green, aqua blue, and lavender.  The neon green in her tail is a tad shorter, because it came from a mane and not from a tail.

<-- click on the pic for an enlarged view.

Her symbol is a glittery rainbow, of course!  Featuring six delicious colors - scarlet red, deep orange, lemon yellow, emerald green, majesty blue, and purple.  The rainbow is flanked by two stylized golden stars.  Princess Kimmy also has a golden star on one hoof to designate the side with the magnet.

The symbol looks MUCH better in real life...glitter doesn't photograph well =(

Non-display side view of Princess Kimmy's aqua jewel eyes.  The eyes were transplanted from another pony.  They were secured in the eye sockets, given a glossy coating, then the rims were carefully painted in dark blue.  I love the way they turned out (I hope they withstand playwear!)  ^_^

Like the other 3rd generation ponies, she does not have a non-display side symbol.

Princess Kimmy comes with her own custom box.  It's blank on the back and only features a front panel.  [custom box pic removed due to legal concerns]

She also has a pink crown with a glittery golden star.  Her other accessories include a pink iridescent hair clip, two "plants" and a pot, a clear pony charm with the iridescent cord, and a white comb.

A pic before completion.  Awww...she's so prettyful!

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