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"Princess Hellen" - 2003

Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro

designed by Aikarin

Princess Hellen is named for one of my close friends. She's a creamy white color with deep wine colored hair, taken from a donor pony.  She has a lot of bright red tinsel in her plume & in her mane.

Princess Hellen started off as a sad bait pony.  Her eyes were removed & the holes filled in.  They were completely re-painted from scratch.  Her eyes are a little larger than a regular pony's, making her look like an anime character ^_^

In this pic, she's borrowing a crown clip from another Princess.

A close-up of her burgundy painted butterfly symbol.  The head & body are made of Austrian crystals, hand-wired by me!

Just look at that plume!

Princess Hellen poses with her origami crane friends.  She wears a clear flower hair clip, Italian velvet cloak (fully lined), and a ruby red & clear Austrian crystal "bracelet".

Princess Hellen was given away as a gift. This custom pony is NOT FOR SALE.

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