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The Postal Pony - 2004
Letter Carrier Pony!
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro

The Postal Pony is a very special project.  She's a custom-designed gift for a real-life letter carrier for the US Postal Service!  

(Please note: this pony was not endorsed by USPS, but rather is an item for personal use by an employee.  It was also not endorsed by Hasbro.  See below for full disclaimers.)

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She was re-rooted with wonderfully shiny saran hair in bright red, white, and navy blue.  She wears a red, white, and blue ribbon on her tail.

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Her accessories are really special.  She wears a hand-sculpted pith helmet with an elastic strap and she carries her letters in a little blue felt bag. cute!  The bag was delicately stitched, NOT glued, together.

The Postal Pony's symbol is the famous "sonic eagle" of the USPS.

Her eyes were repainted light blue with a medium blue swirl.  She has a tiny white star in each eye.

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This pony was packaged with a white brush.  Picture was removed for legal reasons.
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