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Muriel 2004
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Designed by Aikarin 

Muriel the Merpony was made for the Merpony Tutorial on my website.  She was the result of experimentation with polymers and wire mesh.  I'm honestly surprised at how she turned out.  Similar, but at the same time, very different from merponies made by other customizers.


Muriel looks like a purple glitter ocean princess wedding mermaid pony-like creature.  Try saying that three times fast ;)  She's not a princess and she's not getting married, LOL.

Her name is Gaelic in origin and it means "sea-bright".  Appropriate for a sea creature covered with sparkling glitter.

Muriel's eyes are original.  No modifications have been made.  On her foreleg, she wears a removable bracelet made of clear and violet Swarovski Austrian crystal beads.

Muriel's headdress is quite distinctive.  It's made of miniature silk roses each one custom tie-dyed in purple shades and dusted with glitter.  Iridescent bell-shaped flowers and white ribbons stream from each side.  The headdress was originally made for a custom beanie I created many years ago, but it fits her perfectly!  =)  It is held in place by wires...see the pic below.

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Glorious super-long striped hair can been seen in this top view.
Muriel's hair is dyed pale pink over blonde.  Darker purple stripes were added later, but the stripes are hard to see since Muriel prefers to wear her hair in a bun! =)

Muriel shows off her tail.  Each scale's outline was carved into place.  Also, dark purple "shadows" were hand painted on each scale to give it depth.  She has a light coating of iridescent and violet glitter in random patches.

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Here you can see how Muriel keeps her bun in place...she has two miniature iridescent hair clips!

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Here she is again, the completed merpony.  Whew, that was a lot of work! ;)

Muriel is NOT FOR SALE.

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