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Mehndi  - 2005
1st generation Indian henna art pony!
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Concept & Design by Aikarin

The evolution of Mehndi the henna pony is quite interesting.  She started out life as a white base pony.  Her eyes were entirely re-painted in brown/gray/black tones and she was given thicker, dramatic eyelashes.  The blush is original.

I'm very happy with the way she turned out...she's even nicer in real life. ^_^

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[click on picture for enlarged view - huge file!]
Mehndi was initially steeped in tea for several days.  That just made her look dingy...she didn't look nice at all.  Then, she spent some time boiling in a vat of French Roast.
The end result was a pony that smelled like coffee and was a nice eggshell tan color.
She no longer smells like coffee, but she's still a lovely shade. ^_^

[click on picture for enlarged view - huge file!]
Her designs were painted freehand over a period of several weeks.  They aren't exactly perfect...yes, there are spontaneous variations in each petal, leaf, and swirl. ^_^  The designs are NOT made of henna - just merely inspired by henna art.

Her designs are all over her head, back, and both sides.  Her underbelly isn't painted.  She was given several coats of matte varnish all over...the finish is actually not as shiny as the pictures & feels almost like handmade paper.  Pretty neat! ^_^

She was re-rooted with auburn colored Kanekalon hair that was lightly prepped and given a slight curl.  Her hair is very soft, vibrant, and shiny!

Mehndi is a one of a kind creation and she cannot be replicated, given the spontaneous nature of her design.  She is signed & dated under one hoof.

Mehndi's accessories include a pair of removable seed bead bracelets in golden colors and translucent red.  A permanent red "bindi" jewel adorns her forehead.

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