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Martha  - 2005
Teal Custom Homemaking Unicorn
Inspired by Martha Stewart
Designed by Aikarin

I know this sounds silly, but when I heard the news about Martha Stewart's release, I was incredibly happy.  Yay Martha!  ^_^  

This sweet custom was inspired by the newly freed domestic diva.  She was made from an original G1 unicorn (Sunbeam) in her natural pastel teal color.

Note: this pony is a CUSTOM and is NOT ENDORSED by Hasbro or Martha Stewart Living etc.  This pony is NOT FOR SALE.
<-- click on pic for enlarged view

Martha was given a, well, very Martha hairstyle.  It's soft golden Saran hair with light & dark highlights, cut into layers.  Extra plugs were rooted into the front of her scalp to give it a fuller, more distinctive look.  Her tail is also Saran hair & also contains layers.

<-- click on pic for enlarged view

Her eyes were re-painted a tan color & given a light glossy coating.

Her accessories include a hand crocheted gray "coming home" poncho made from real handspun wool. cute!

She also has a silk "potted plant" in a miniature real terra cotta container.

<-click on picture for enlarged view

A close-up look at her hand painted symbol.  She only has a symbol on the display side.  Artist grade acrylics were used.  The symbol features a vibrant bouquet of lavender & pink roses in a white hobnail vase.  The vase is actually textured - you can feel the hobnails! ^_^
(and it looks much nicer in real life!)

Martha is a one-of-a-kind design and she will not be repeated.  She is signed & dated under one hoof.

Martha is NOT FOR SALE.

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