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Lobeira  - 2004
The Cactuar Pony
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Design by Alex
Custom by Aikarin

Do you know the origin of this pony's design?  It's a cactuar, a character from the Final Fantasy video game series by SquareSoft.  It looks like a running cactus. ^_^

Lobeira is NOT FOR SALE.  This pony is not endorsed by Hasbro or SquareSoft.

<-- click on pic for enlarged view

Lobeira's hair is saran in a medium green with a lighter, lime green stripe.  The stripe was rooted on both sides, so the hair can be flipped in either direction.  Her tail also contains two colors.  Curling saran is difficult...Lobeira's hair is slightly curly at the ends.

<-- click on pic for enlarged view


Her accessories are super cute.  She comes with a tan bag, custom made out of ultrasuede.  This stuff is difficult to sew.  The buckles were specially made as well.  The bag is large enough to hold the miniature cactuar plush.

The mini cactuar was also carefully crafted from scratch.  It is stitched together, like the bag.  No glue was used in the construction of either item!  The olive green fabric used is specifically for making miniature's super soft & feels slightly silky to the touch.  The cactuar is stuffed with a tiny amount of polyfil.

<-- click on pic for enlarged view

Another view showing the buckle on the bag.

Also notice that her eyes were re-painted in a dark forest green color.

Lobeira's base color is avocado green! ^_^

Lobeira's symbol is the running cactuar from Final Fantasy.  The two sides are just a little different, since they were painted without guides.

A picture before completion.  Here, she poses with a bunch of succulents. ^_^

The original concept sketch by Alex.
Lobeira lives in Australia.  She is NOT FOR SALE.

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