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"Lemonade" - 2001 

a custom Fakie Pony

by Aikarin

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Lemonade was a "fakie" pony made from a Hasbro mold (but she is NOT affiliated or endorsed by Hasbro in any way - see disclaimer below).  Her pose is very sweet.  Her color is a most vibrant yellow.  I decided to stick to the monochromatic color scheme (similar to the original 6 ponies) & chose a design that was mostly yellow. 

Her odd-looking "fakie" eyes were removed with acetone & carefully repainted.  Did you notice the tiny little lemon slice under her eye?

Lemonade's symbol features slices of lemon & whole lemons.   I was thinking about making her lemon-scented, but she isn't!

lemonade4.jpg (24581 bytes)

Lemonade shows off her gorgeous curly tail.  The fakie pony had a really tiny wimpy tail, so I replaced it with yellow colored doll hair.   A white ribbon adorns her new tail.

Lemonade is NOT FOR SALE.

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