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Lady Night - Dark My Little Pony
Lady Night
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Silver Winged Dark Pony
Design by Vinyalonn
Custom by Aikarin

Lady Night! Lady Night is a dark custom pony designed by Vinyalonn.  She is made from a 3rd generation sparkly purple pony.  I'm pleasantly surprised at how the design came together!  The glittery stars haven't been added yet when this pic was taken.

<--Click on pic for enlarged view

Lady Night was re-rooted with Saran hair in raven black, platinum white, bright burgundy (custom blended color), and lavender.  It's entirely Saran hair.  Not sure how the curls will hold up...Saran hair is so resistant to curling!

Lady Night's tail is a blend of all four colors.

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Lady Night's gorgeous sparkling silver wings.  Absolutely dazzling in real life!
You could hypnotize someone with those things! ^_^
They are clear & dusted with silver glitter.
They were pretty hard to install because of the "turned head" pose...they have to be specially angled away from the head.  Also, the bases were scrunched to hold the wings upright & to give the wings some definition.

Symbol close-up featuring tree silhouettes against a burgundy moon & gray clouds.  I love the "sketchiness" of the tree bases.  You'll have to pardon the glare from the lighting. ^_^
Lady Night's sparkling silver stars under her eyes.

Note: Lady Night's custom box was removed for legal reasons.

Unfinished pic.  I included this because the wings look so sparkly!

Concept design of Lady Night. She looks a lot like her concept sketch, but has a lot more character!

This pony is NOT FOR SALE.

Original concept sketch by Vinyalonn.  She was initially designed as a purple flutter pony!

<--click on the pic for full view (includes a sketch of the symbol)
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