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Freedom Star  - 2005
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Design by Carol
Custom by Aikarin

Freedom Star is a very unique pony.  She was designed by a non-pony collector as a gift for someone finishing her Air Force Basic Training.  Freedom Star is made from a 3rd generation pony whose base color is white.  This pony is NOT FOR SALE.

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Freedom Star's hair is made of red, white, and blue Kanekalon hair.  The hair was carefully straightened before re-rooting.  She also has corresponding red/clear iridescent/blue tinsel.  Her tail features the same colors.  The initials on her non-display side hoof are those of the lucky recipient's. ^_^

Her eyes have thin red/white/blue colored stripes and she has a tiny white star in each eye.  The lashes are midnight blue.

She has a rank insignia marking her magnet hoof and a waving American flag on her display side.  All of her markings are delicately hand-painted with artist-grade acrylics.

[box pic removed for legal reasons]
She was given a box with a custom-printed front label, personalized with her name. ^_^  The back section of the box was removed, so you can see her non-display side symbols.  Her accessory is a white brush.

[above] Her non-display side symbol is the Air Force logo in white & blue.  It's also carefully hand-painted.


 Below are some pictures before completion:

Here is the concept sketch that I made, based on Carol's ideas.  This version has tinsel in her hair.

This particular pony does not "really" exist.

Close-up of the tinsel in blue, clear iridescent, and red.
And a rendering of her non-display side.  I must admit...the symbol looks pretty complicated. ^_^
After re-rooting and eye-painting.  Mmmmm...her hair is very soft & pretty. ^_^
After painting the display side only.  I'm glad we decided on a waving really gives her a lot of character.  The shadows/highlights weren't easy, though!  Yes, this is the "real pony".  Yes, the symbols are hand-painted!

Freedom Star is an original creation that will not be replicated.  She is signed & dated under one hoof.

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