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Foxglove - 2004

Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
designed by Foxglove
custom work by Aikarin

[note: this pony's owner wanted to re-root the mane herself...the pic above shows her with a pink "wig" of sorts ^_^  The purple stripe is really rooted in.]

Foxglove is NOT FOR SALE.

This neat little custom was designed by Foxglove.  It's her pony persona ^_^

She is a bright teal unicorn with pale pink hair and a light purple stripe in her mane.

<---click on pic for enlarged view

Here's a shot of her non-display side.  Yes, I know she doesn't have her mane...her owner wanted to re-root it herself!

Her symbol is a cluster of three fuchsia Foxglove blossoms on a vine.

<---click on pic for enlarged view

Here's a pic of her after painting.  The bright teal color was very difficult to match, since it's so vibrant!

Foxglove's eyes were painted purple.

Foxglove sent me some pics of her pony persona & I put them together into a concept sketch.  Isn't she cute?  Foxglove is NOT FOR SALE.

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