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Evergreen 2004
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Design by Chris
Custom Work by Aikarin

Evergreen was a commissioned piece made from a rearing pose Magic Star.  This pony was the childhood dream of the designer. 

Evergreen is supposed to be a male pony (without the hairy hooves!) ^_^

Evergreen is NOT FOR SALE.

<-- click on the pic for an enlarged view.

The horn was carefully attached to his head, just under the hairline.  Then, he was given a base coat of pure white followed by a coat of vivid medium green.  The coat is surprisingly smooth and actually has an awesome matte finish...any shiny parts are due to the bright lighting I used for the photographs.

Evergreen's wild hair is made of many different shades of green.  I originally planned on using saran hair only, but it's very "limp", making it difficult to achieve a "punk" hairstyle.  So, I used donor hair blended with saran hair.  Pretty nifty!

 <-- click on the pic for an enlarged view.

Evergreen's hair is cut in a wild, ragged fashion, with the non-display side just a tad shorter than the display side.  As requested by his designer, the longest part is 50 centimeters in length!
Eyes have a color swirl.  He has an extra reflective diamond-shaped  "gleam" in his eye - in green, of course!

I really liked the way they turned out...hmmmmm.

Smile, Evergreen!
Evergreen's punk style hair required re-rooting of many extra plugs of hair in the forelock area and the back of his head.  I re-rooted the colors in small groups of plugs.  Rearing pose ponies have fewer plugs for hair than regular ponies.  Adding extra plugs made the mane appear thicker.

The symbol is a lake surrounded by trees.  He also has a leaf on the front left hoof.  The symbol didn't stand out well against the background, so I carefully outlined most of the parts in dark green or blue-green.  Look closely, even the tree trunks have knots in them!

He's a warm medium green color, leaning more toward olive and not teal.  May look a little different on your monitor or the lighting I used! ^_^

Another unfinished picture.

Here is a bitmap image drawn by his designer.

Evergreen is NOT FOR SALE.

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