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Dracolaria  - 2005
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Custom Design by Aikarin

Dracolaria, the Dragonfly Faerie, is a 3rd generation pony.  She is a product of my overactive imagination. ^_^

She wears a crown of iridescent beads topped with two Swarovski crystals on wire "antennae".  Her other accessory is her lavender brush.

This pony is NOT FOR SALE.

Dracolaria's wings are very unique.  They were carefully custom crafted and they have a lovely rainbow iridescence in real life, just like a real dragonfly's wings!  There are 2 sets & they contain wires, so they are gently poseable.  The wings are removable for shipping.

<-- click on pic for enlarged view

Dracolaria's non-display side.  You can see she was generously re-rooted with real saran hair in pale lime green, lavender, sky blue, and platinum white.  Her tail features the same colors.  A delicate "stylized dragonfly" symbol designates her magnet hoof.

She also has detailed "sunburst" eyes in dark blue, yellow, and white.  Her eyeshadow is green with the slightest pearlescent touch.

<-- click on pic for enlarged view

Her symbol is a little fairy/faerie with wide eyes and green hair.  Painted from an original Aikarin sketch.  The faerie's wings have an iridescent green glaze that only shows up at certain angles.  Nifty! ^_^

Dracolaria is an original Aikarin design and she will not be replicated.  She is signed & dated under one hoof.  
This pony is NOT FOR SALE.

Here is a link to the wing diagram for re-assembly after shipping.
( this info is placed here for her new owner, but you can look if you're curious ^_^ )
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