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Dancing Swan - 2005
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Designed by Vinyalonn 
Custom by Aikarin

This complex custom went through a few revisions before completion. Note to self: chignons are really hard to make! >_<

This pony is NOT FOR SALE.

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This pony was made from a 3rd generation pink pony.  Her light pink sparkling color is perfect!

She was re-rooted with white Kanekalon synthetic hair.  The chignons are twisted & secured by hand.  No hairspray, LOL!  Then, four lavender bows were added.

Her "bangs" are natural, unstraighted Kanekalon, hence the frizziness.  I left them this way to give it more fullness.  The tips are dyed fuchsia, but it turned out very light.

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She was given slight blush & very dramatic eyelashes in black.  Her eyes were completed re-painted in silvery purple with a purple swirl.  She has 3 silver stars under her display side eye.  The eye color was inspired by my own Misty Starscape and the eyelashes come from Noctaeterna.

Her "crown" is made of wire & faux pearls  Her slippers are made of a silky lavender material.  The bottoms are glued down - not too appealing, but you can't see them on display. ^_^  The "laces" are made of fuchsia glitter.

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[box picture removed for legal reasons]
Here she is in her custom made box.  She is wearing a lavender tutu from one of the eveningwear sets, I believe.  I removed the garish pink bow.
  She has a light pink brush.
Her symbol looks like a swan preparing to dive.

An original concept sketch by Vinyalonn.

This is one of the most complicated customs I have ever attempted, in terms of accessories and new techniques.

Before hair styling.  She's rooted with 100% kanekalon synthetic hair.

After the chignons & silky lavender slippers, but before the hair dyeing & taming of her bangs.

Dancing Swan is NOT FOR SALE.

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