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"Dancing Bats" - 2001

Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
by aikarin

bat5.jpg (39670 bytes)

  Dancing Bats symbol features three black bats fluttering.
Her eyes were replaced with glowing red rhinestones!

bat4.jpg (33022 bytes)

Her hair was custom dyed black and red, to match her deep maroon red paint job.  Her paint is slightly pearlescent.

bat2.jpg (40754 bytes)
The wings were made of acetate and painted black.
Heavy-gauge wires were embedded in the top of each so they can be shaped.
Holes were cut in this pony's back to accomodate
her new wings!

Dancing Bats is NOT FOR SALE.

ivy.jpg (36268 bytes)

This pony started life as a battered 2nd series pony.
Ugh, I'm not too fond of these things, so she was the perfect custom candidate.

bat3.jpg (34725 bytes)

Well, she was my experimental pony for painting, so her coat is not flawless.  But she still looks nice on display.
I'm used to seeing her on my bookcase, so I don't think she's a freak :)

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