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Country Delight 2004
Shepherdess Pony with wool hair
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Design by Aikarin

This pony is NOT FOR SALE.

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Country Delight is made from a 3rd generation teal blue pony.
She was rooted with real wool locks.  I think the sheep breed is Cotswold from England.  Not 100% sure.  It looks way nicer after I combed it out.  LOL!
The wool was cleaned & the scent was removed, so it's not "sheepy" smelling.  It's really super soft!

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She comes with a little basket with "skeins" of wool, silk, and cotton thread.  There are two "knitting needles" included in her little wicker basket.

She also has a custom made "Shepherd's Crook".  That's the brown swirled stick with the bent hook on top, used to herd sheep.

Hoof mark is a lamb of course!

Symbol design is a lil country cottage with a surrounding garden.  It turned out better than I expected.  The colors are richer in real life.  Painted 100% free-hand ^_^

Her sheep buddy is named "Fuzzeh".  She actually has tiny black feet...although you can't see them under her coat of fuzz.  She is made from polymers with a layer of real lamb's wool.    
[box picture removed for legal reasons]
Country Delight in her box with accessories: shepherd's crook, Fuzzeh the lamb, basket of fibers & "knitting needles", blue comb, yellow ribbons.  The basket & the pet are "wired" to the base of the box.  A cedar packet hidden in the bottom compartment to deter moths.

Before combing her hair out.  Whoa, check out the frizzy action!

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