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Chocolicious  - 2005
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Custom Design by Aikarin

Chocolicious is another experimental pony.  Sort of a strange color combination - pink/brown/caramel - but she turned out okay. ^_^

Chocolicious is NOT FOR SALE.
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Chocolicious' eyes are the color of dark chocolate.  They were lightly coated with gloss varnish.  Her hair is synthetic braiding hair in a reddish-brown and caramel.  This isn't as fine as saran hair.  It's actually close in texture to real pony hair & takes a curl quite nicely.

Spiral curls...mmmmmmmm!

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Her symbol was made using new techniques.  The chocolate part is pretty shiny, like real chocolate, and has a "frosting squiggle" that was actually piped on (not painted. LOL!).  It's not as neat as I'd like, but it's very different.  The paper cup was painted with a dry brush technique, giving it a "papery" texture.  She also has a matching "frosting squiggle" on her magnet hoof.

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