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"Celtica" - 2000


Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Design by Aikarin

celtic3.jpg (20963 bytes)

"Celtica", the Celtic Pony is one of the very first customs that I designed.  She wears a custom-designed bronze earring with three Austrian crystals - two rose and one clear.

Her hair was almost completely gone when I received her.  She was re-rooted with purple very first attempt at re-rooting!  Her tail is made from purple mixed with bright pink from a doll.

celtic1.jpg (34128 bytes)

celtic2.jpg (29066 bytes)

Here is her other side.  She was hand painted with custom-mixed acrylics.  She has a nice matte (non-shiny) finish, but the colors are not completely even.  Her eyes were also re-painted.

A close up of her golden symbol.  I drew this by hand & it is a stylized version of a celtic knotwork design.  She wears a shiny golden ribbon on her tail.

Celtica is NOT for sale and was created for personal use only.

celtic4.jpg (24388 bytes)

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