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Bremen Fairy  - 2005
3rd generation rainbow pony
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Design by R.P.
Custom by Aikarin

Bremen Fairy is a pony with bold rainbow hair.  She is made from a G3 Dazzle Bright Kiwi Tart.  The vibrant yellow color is original.  This pony is NOT FOR SALE.

Bremen Fairy has bold black eyelashes and deep emerald eyes.

Here, you can also see her sparkling emerald butterfly forehead symbol.

One of Bremen Fairy's most outstanding features: 6 colored straight rainbow hair.  It's straightened Kanekalon with generous amounts of clear iridescent tinsel.  Her tail features the same colors & iridescent tinsel.

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Bremen Fairy poses with a strand of garnet beads. ^_^

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Here's her non-display side. that rainbow hair!


Bremen Fairy's other eye also has deep emerald swirls and bold lashes. ^_^


 Bremen Fairy's symbol is made of black glitter.  The white spots on the top animal is glare.

Her design is based on the sculpture in the town of Bremen in Germany.  The "Bremen Town Musicians" is a fairy tale featuring the four animals in the sculpture: the donkey, the dog, the cat, and the rooster.

[box pic removed due to legal reasons]

Here is the original prototype sketch rendered in Adobe Photoshop.  Several changes were tried with the color of the butterfly and her hoof heart.  The designer settled on emerald green!

Bremen Fairy is NOT FOR SALE.  Bremen Fairy is signed & dated under one hoof.

 Below are some pictures before completion:
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