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Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Design by A.W. 
Custom Work by Aikarin

This custom pony reminds me of the tropics, with her ocean & island themed symbols!  Braizon is a commissioned piece and she is unlike any pony out there. ^_^

She was made from a very sad custom bait condition pony. 

<--click on pic for enlarged view
Her symbols include a light sandy tan island, carefully blended into the base white.  Her rear hooves are sea blue topped with light blue "waves".  Yes, there is supposed to be a divide between the island and the waves!  A small starfish lives on the island.

A small clear rhinestone adorns her raised hoof.  It's a little daystar, according to her designer. ^_^

<--click on pic for enlarged view

Her hair is made of aqua blue-green (blended from the first two colors), platinum white, and pure black.  Her tail has the same colors.  She is rooted with silky soft saran hair.
Braizon's cheeks are touched gently with coral blush.  Her dazzling eyes contain multiple swirls of green - in several different shades!  Braizon also has slightly longer lashes and rounded eye highlights (which are based on those of a real horse's eye!)  Very distinctive. ^_^

Braizon is NOT FOR SALE.

A concept sketch of Braizon's non-display side featuring the "wet hooves" and a rhinestone on her front hoof.

Another concept sketch.  This one is #2...the hair was made a little longer and the starfish was made smaller. I hope her designer likes her! ^_^

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