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borg1.jpg (41626 bytes)

Baby TooCuteous of Borg - 2001
Designed by Aikarin
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro

What started out as an "innocent" beddy-bye eye pony turned into somewhat of a monster.  Baby TooCuteous was made from a dingy, rusty-eyed baby pony with a faded symbol.  The right eye was made from "scratch" with polymers & painted in to look like a natural pony eye!   The black eyeliner didn't show up, so it was re-done in gold.

borg4.jpg (28226 bytes)

borg2.jpg (36487 bytes)

She has a total of four "tubes" - one from her neck to her right nostril, one from her neck to the underside of her chin, and two from the left side of her neck to the area around her ear.

sleepypie.jpg (37941 bytes)

Baby Sleepy Pie's rusty eyes were popped out with a mini-screwdriver.   Ugh, she even had a ton of smooze on her nose!

borg5.jpg (26027 bytes)
Close-up shot of this custom pony's smiling baby Borg cube ship.  Note the tail-ring implant and the wires coming out of it.  This was made from a metal bead!  Her tail is white because I couldn't locate the original one.

borg3.jpg (28026 bytes)

Borg ponies are known for their wild 'n' crazy hair!   It's hard to tell from the picture, but her hair is silver tinged & it looks like steel wool.  Her eye is made from a red colored crystal.  It was challenging to get it in place, but I did it!

borg6.jpg (36868 bytes)

Baby Cotton Candy is not afraid of this Baby Borg Pony!

The metal "plate" on her right front foot is actually painted on.  It looks pretty realistic, though!

Baby TooCuteous is NOT FOR SALE.  She has relocated to another part of the galaxy.  She is now living with my friend & fellow Trekker, Beth.

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