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Bangkok - 2004
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Design by Storm Singer of Quinault Stables
Custom Work by Aikarin

Ahhh...I'm going to have a hard time shipping this pony to Storm Singer because she's such an eye-catcher!  I love how the bold colors and the design came together.  Bangkok was made from a 3rd generation white pony.  She was one of the most challenging customs I've ever attempted!

<-- click on the pic for an enlarged view.

The hardest part about this pony was the symbol, which wraps around her waist and onto her non-display side rear leg.  Neat, little black squares against her white body and a red knight with golden veining.  It looks much better in real digital camera didn't capture the golden parts very well.

She also has two small squares on her front right hoof!

<-- click on the pic for an enlarged view.

Bangkok was re-rooted with soft saran hair in black, red, and white.  Her tail also features the same three colors.

I tried to make the squares as "square" as possible, but since the body curves, some squares aren't quite "square" ;)

<-- click on the pic for an enlarged view.

A pic of her eyes after painting.  This was pretty tough too.  The eyes are jade green with a wisp of darker green.  Bangkok wears sparkling red and gold eyeshadow.

Bangkok is NOT FOR SALE.
Here's a "before" shot with the original blue eyes.

Bangkok was designed by Storm Singer of Quinault Stables.

Her description:
Bangkok is a white earth pony with a black checkerboard pattern extending from her rear, non-display hoof over her back and shoulder and ending on her right, display shoulder. Her hair is striped black, red, and white. Her symbol is a red knight with gold veining. Her eyes are two-toned jade green and she wears glittery red and gold eyeshadow. She has two black squares on her front, display side hoof.

Her story:
Bangkok is one smart pony! Chess is her one true love, bordering on an obsession and she's master of every strategy she can learn! Her favorite beverage is green tea and her favorite music is show tunes.

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