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Bamboo the Custom Pony Bamboo
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Design by K.G.
Custom Work by Aikarin

Bamboo features, well, bamboo as her symbol. ^_^ 
She's a simple, but eye catching design in golden tan and green!

Bamboo is NOT FOR SALE.

<-- click on the pic for an enlarged view.

Bamboo doesn't have a non-display side symbol.  She is made from a white base pony.  I rooted the mane with a generous amount of hair, since most 3rd gen ponies have really thick hair.

<-- click on the pic for an enlarged view.

Her hair is original 1st generation hair.  Her mane contains six alternating stripes of medium green and a lovely honey blonde. I love the depth of this shiny and pretty. ^_^
I styled it and gave it a gentle curl at the tips.

Bamboo's eyes are a lovely green with olive overtones.  They are sealed with a light glossy coat.

Bamboo's symbol is two canes of bamboo with leaves.  I blended five different colors to get the right shade of "bamboo tan"!  The tiny "gaps" between the stalks of bamboo are unpainted areas.
Bamboo's original concept design.  Isn't she cute?
Wish I thought of it! ^_^

Bamboo is NOT FOR SALE.

A pic before completion.  After painting, before re-rooting.

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