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Baby Tranquility  - 2005
3rd generation baby pegasus pony!
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro

Baby Tranquility is a pegasus pony made from a 3rd generation earthling.  Her cuteness hides the fact she is a VERY complex pony. 

Her wings were sculpted from scratch right on the body!  Then, she was completely re-painted in a gentle light teal color, like the soothing tropical oceans.  Ahhhh...

She was given a few coats of satin varnish...not something I usually do, but I thought it would help protect the wings.  I believe she is fairly durable, however, I still recommend her for display only.  The top coat makes her just a tad shiny.  Then again, most of the G3s are shiner than the G1 ponies.  So she fits right in! ^_^

[left] No holding back here...her eyes were completely re-painted in bright green, given a yellow swirl and a white heart.  There's a bit of glare from the camera, since I did use a glossy topcoat (on the eyes only).  Believe looks much nicer in real life. ^_^  Also, notice the blush on her cheeks!

[above] Her magnet hoof is marked with a stylized yellow sun, painted freehand.  

The magnet was removed before painting and replaced after the paint was dry. ^_^ 

[click on picture for enlarged view - huge file!]
Here is a picture of her non-display side.
The hair is from a donor and the even the curl is natural!
She has three colors in her mane & tail: bright neon green, pineapple yellow, and coral.

Baby Tranquility's symbol is a palm tree on an island with stylized waves.  The symbol was hand-painted completely freehand.  No pre-sketching or anything like that.

[left] Her non-display side eye features the same colors - green and yellow.

Baby Tranquility is a one of a kind creation and she will NOT be replicated.  She is signed and dated under one hoof.  She is NOT FOR SALE.

You might recognize her design from the Midsummer Contest.
Her mom is Tranquil Summer, the pony I designed as the sample entry.

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