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Baby Harry Potter - 2004
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Design by Vinyalonn
Custom by Aikarin


Note: This pony is a work of fan art.  It is NOT FOR SALE and it is NOT endorsed by J. K. Rowling.

Baby Harry Potter fully decked out in a cloak with sleeves and collar, a tiny hand-knit scarf, and wire framed glasses.  This pony turned out so cute in real life.  He also comes with a broomstick.

The cloak is made from black colored super plush Italian velvet.  It has a small hole for his tail.  The cloak was by far the hardest part to make...I'm no seamstress and I didn't have a pattern to go by.  It easily took longer than the pony!

The scarf was knit using large embroidery needles and cotton thread.  Look at the cute little tassels at the ends!  Awwww!

<--click on pic for larger view

Baby Harry was made from a custom bait baby pony.  Her symbols and hair were removed and she was given new ones.  Not to mention a gender change ;)

This is his display side.  Baby Harry has glittery silver stars and a "magic stick".  I'm going to make him a magic stick prop...still figuring out the best way to do this.

<--click on pic for larger view

Here's the non-display side.  He has a red lightning bolt over his right eye.  Eyes were re-painted in pale blue to match the stripe in his mane!

The hair is silky saran which alternates from dark brown, black, light blue, and dark brown again.  His tail is black with dark brown mixed in.

<--click on pic for larger view

Close-up of his non-display side symbol.  I love how this turned out!  I used a modified technique for the silver stars...they are very crisp and wonderfully sparkly!  Very distinct against the light pink background color.  The broom was painted freehand.
Here's Vinyalonn's sketch of Baby Harry.  Click on it for more details.

<--click on pic for larger view


Baby Harry is NOT FOR SALE.

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