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Aquarella  - 2005
3rd generation mericorn pony!
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Design and Custom by Aikarin

The merponies at have evolved greatly from the prototype Muriel.  Aquarella is a series II merpony / mericorn with lots of new features.  She was made from a 3rd generation pony.

Exactly what is a mericorn?  It's a merpony with a horn.  A cross between a merpony and an unicorn.  ^_^

[click on picture for enlarged view - another huge file!]

[click on picture for enlarged view - huge file!]
Aquarella's non-display side.  She wears a blue iridescent hair claw clip wired with a spray of iridescent beads.  It's removable.  She was completely re-rooted with aqua saran hair with a silver stripe.  The stripe is on both sides of her mane, making it visible no matter which way her hair is flipped.  Her hair was partially wound in a bun before I took the pictures, so it's slightly wavy. ^_^ 

Half of her body was sliced off and a mermaid tail was sculpted on.  A wire base underlies the polymer - it's very durable.  Each scale was carefully detailed so they are slightly raised above the surface.

She has additional "fins" on each side.  They are made of super-thin plastic, like her tail.  An aqua blue and silver gradient paint finish was carefully brushed on.  Sprinklings of silver glitter were added randomly, to resemble "sand". ^_^

A top view of her tail.  The whole thing was painted with layers of iridescent paint.  It actually has a little pearly pink/purple sheen where the light reflects off the surface.
The large tail fin is made of very thin plastic and gradient painted, just like the side fins.  It's just a little translucent.

Her pearlescent aqua colored horn was also sculpted from scratch.  It's firmly anchored into her head.  The base & ridges are sprinkled in silver glitter.  The color actually matches her tail (looks a bit dark in the pictures, but it's not in real life).

Three tiny diamond-shaped stars adorn her left cheek, right under her blue swirled eyes.  Her eyes are original.  She also wears opaque bluish silver eyeshadow.  It's pretty subtle in real life.

Her accessories include her customized hair clip and a silvertone wire & iridescent beaded "swirl" armlet.

Aquarella is a one of a kind creation and she will not be replicated.  She is signed & dated under one hoof.  She still has a magnet under the other hoof, so she will work with 3rd gen playsets.

Aquarella is NOT FOR SALE. 

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