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Six of Seven  - 2005
3rd generation Borg Pony
Assimilated by aikarin

Six of Seven was assimilated from a 3rd Generation pony.  She retains just a touch of her original pearly blueberry color.  All additional parts were carefully sculpted on the pony.  The head piece has remarkable detailing, with lots of hoses and stuff!

This is a CUSTOM PONY and is NOT ENDORSED by Hasbro.  This pony is NOT FOR SALE.

<-- click on picture for enlarged view - warning - huge file!

Six of Seven received a special paint job that is slightly textured.  Several layers of gloss varnish seal the black paint.  The paint is a solid color...any light/dark spots are reflections.  Her head "veins" are painted in black.  They have a layer of interference purple shows up as metallic purple only at certain angles!

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This pony has a custom made tail with wires and black microfibers!  Her head was loosened a little, so it's easier to remove to replace the battery.  She features custom built circuitry that fits completely inside of her body.  The super-bright red LED (a lot brighter than the pictures!) is a part of her facial implant. ^_^

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The pushbutton "switch" is hidden under the hoof magnet cover.  A simple click turns the LED on or off!  She does NOT have a hoof magnet.  The cover got a little scratched during the installation (doesn't affect function).  It was painted with a silvery color.

[pics removed due to legal concerns over the logo imprinted on the cover and the box]

Aluminum mesh, plastic covered wire, red & clear rhinestones decorate her flank.  Six of Seven is an original Aikarin design - she will not be repeated.  She is signed & dated under one hoof and comes in a custom printed box.  This pony is NOT for sale.

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